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UltraSound Speakers

All The Instruments dot com welcomes you to our UltraSound Speakers section.  All The Instruments provides you with all the UltraSound Speakers.  With the Guaranteed Lowest Prices, Low Monthly Payments and Free Shipping on most orders over $99.  UltraSound Speakers such as and more listed below under Guaranteed Lowest Priced UltraSound Speakers.  And our UltraSound Speakers are 100% Official UltraSound Speakers.  So enjoy your visit at our UltraSound Speakers.

Guaranteed Lowest Priced UltraSound Speakers

UltraSound DSX Acoustic Guitar Combo Amp and XTC Acoustic Guitar Speaker Cab PowerStack

UltraSound DSX Acoustic Guitar Combo Amp and XTC Acoustic Guitar Speaker Cab PowerStack

This UltraSound PowerStack features the DSX 50W/100W 2x8 Acoustic Guitar Combo Amplifier and the XTC 2x8 Acoustic Guitar Speaker Cabinet.DSX 50W/100W 2x8 Acoustic Guitar Combo Amp The DSX acoustic guitar combo amp pumps out 100 watts of incredibly pure warm tone through four 8" Mylar coned coaxial speakers when combined with the XTC speaker cabinet. The 8" Mylar-cone speakers were specially engineered by UltraSound for all-natural acoustic tone reproduction.The DSX combo has 2 channels, including phantom-powered microphone inputs for each channel. Each channel sports its own volume and active EQ. Additional features include a studio quality DI, effects loop, Extension Speaker Jack, and an additional Aux. Input for Tape/CD. To further enhance the DSX, the onboard 24-bit digital effects processor produces studio quality reverbs, delays and chorus effects, which can be routed to either or both channels.Channel 1 is designed for both MIC level (XLR) or Instrument level (1/4") signals. (The 1/4" TRS Tip/Ring/Sleeve input jack is suited for equipment such as high-impedance microphones, keyboards, and drum machines. It accepts both balanced and unbalanced inputs) (Channel 1 is designed as a generic flat response channel that is suitable for any acoustic instrument level or microphone signal).Channel 2 is designed primarily for acoustic guitar and is equipped with an 18dB cut Notch Filter that is used to control resonant feedback and amid cut SHAPE circuit to eliminate any midrange "quack" from your pickup.XTC 50W 2x8 Acoustic Guitar Speaker Cabinet The UltraSound XTC acoustic guitar speaker cabinet is designed to perfectly match the DSX Acoustic Guitar Combo amp to create the DSX PowerStack. The DSX PowerStack is perfect for louder venues and playing with a band, providing rich full volume sound with natural tone.

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